A beacon of hope

DECEMBER 2014 – The unveiling of SunStar on Signal Hill was a really stylish affair but more than that the story behind it is something quite special…

You might have seen the 24-metre high sun-shaped sculpture on the top of Signal Hill as you come into the city and wondered what it is. “SunStar” was unveiled on Signal Hill in Cape Town in style. Opulent Living was at the unveiling along with Cape Town’s Mayor, Mrs Patricia de Lille and a room full of stylish guests. The ever-gorgeous Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp took us through the nights proceedings as MC. The process of the sculpture’s genesis was described before we stepped outside to see the majestic piece of art lit up for the first time.

An iconic art installation forged from the repurposed fence that surrounded Robben Island conceptualised by Cape Town artist and founder of the Robben Island Art Company and Trust (RIACT), Christopher Swift, to honour the City of Cape Town as the Design Capital of the World. This interesting piece of art sits atop Signal Hill facing Robben Island – once the home of many South African political heroes, whose values, are embodied by the SunStar. Values that allowed these heroes to not just see an inhibiting fence but also rather see the possibilities that lay beyond it.

Sun International, sponsors of the project, said that this critical component of the sculpture showed how the ultimate symbol of Apartheid has been transformed into an inspiring piece of art that stands as an invitation to the world to share their hope for the future of South Africa. The structure is in the form of an eight-point star. The wiring from the Robben Island fence fills the internal areas of the sphere, giving this historic material an artistic casing, and is surrounded by a metal frame depicting the sun’s rays, to form the eight-pointed star.

This is definitely something to put on your list of things to do in the beautiful Mother City. We were privileged to see the majestic sight of the sculpture as the sun set and the cities lights came on.

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