A whisky half a century in the making

OCTOBER 2014 – Founded in 1840 in Speyside, Scotland by a pair of smuggling brothers, John and James Grant, Glen Grant whiskey has over the decades easily shed its outlaw beginnings.

Today it’s one of the world’s foremost spirits with a reputation for smoothness and quality.

Recently the company revealed that they would release a series of whiskeys that have been maturing for half a century. Glen Grant 50 Year Old represents another badge of honour for a distillery that has been brewing excellence almost from the beginning.

The local reveal of the 50 Year Old was done at award-winning Chef Luke Dale Roberts’ Pot Luck Club restaurant, where he incorporated the single malt into a selection of his signature dishes. The results were uncompromisingly delectable.

In attendance was Glen Grants Master Distiller, Dennis Malcom, who took the time to enumerate the etiquette of appreciating a good whisky. Malcom’s attendance was notable for another reason. Malcom was the very person that hand filled the cask that contained the Glen Grant 50 Year Old, a circumstance that doesn’t often happen.

“It is amazing to me that I started this whiskey 50 years ago in my youth and now I’m here showing it to you in South Africa. Quite amazing,” he told us in his distinction highland brogue.

For a brew made with this much patience and care, it would be ill-fitting to fill it in an ordinary bottle. Instead the limited run of 150 bottles will be presented in decanters made by Glencairn Crystal, the last family-owned crystal glass company in Scotland. Each decanter is hand engraved, hand numbered and finished with the number 50 in 18-carat gold lettering and then housed in a copper-lined Scottish oak box, as befits its age. It also accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, signed by the man that brewed it, Master Distiller Dennis Malcolm himself.

Each bottle of Glen Grant 50 Year Old is valued at R150,000 and only ten of the bottles have been available in South Africa.

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