Bespoke wristwatch for classic car

AUGUST 2014 – It was announced in May that luxury motor group, Jaguar Land Rover, were planning to build six “new” Jaguar Lightweight E-types as the first project from the company’s new Special Operations division.

The Lightweight E-types are actually a continuation of the ”Special GT E-type” project, which started in February 1963 and which was originally meant to produce 18 cars. Only 12 of the aluminium-bodied racers were actually built. The remaining six cars never saw production even though chassis numbers for them were generated. These six new cars will carry those original, historic E-type chassis numbers, which have lain dormant for all this time.

To celebrate this historic occurrence, Jaguar have partnered with watchmaker Bremont to produce six bespoke timepieces, one each to be twinned with one of the cars, by carrying its unique chassis number.

“The Lightweight E-type project is so special that we thought we really needed to create something which complemented the cars and, since most classic enthusiasts also tend to be horophiles, a wristwatch seemed to be the answer,” says Jaguar’s director of design, Ian Callum.

“Bremont was the obvious choice as a partner, both because we have worked closely together in the past on the clocks for the C-X75 and XJ75 Platinum concept cars and because, like Jaguar, it is a quintessentially British brand,” he added.

Bremont co-founder Giles English remarked about this unique opportunity:

“Creating the watch proved to be a fascinating project, as we were given access to the Jaguar archives in order, for example, to ascertain the exact font for the numerals used on the dial of the original rev counters.

“The fact that we were required to make just six examples enabled us to be very creative in a way that is not always possible when designing a watch for larger scale production – and that’s why we have been able to feature touches such as using real wood for the rim of the ‘steering wheel’ winding rotor. Each watch is, essentially, bespoke.”

As English’s comments confirm, the watches take their design inspiration directly from the car. The faces mimic the tachometer and bands are made from the same Connolly leather used for the interior trim.

While becoming the owner of a “new” Jaguar Lightweight E-type doesn’t require much incentivising, the addition of these bespoke timepieces most certainly sweetens the prospect.

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