A luxurious boutique hotel that ticks all the boxes

CAPE TOWN – With one foot in the past and one firmly in the future, the understatedly glamorous hotel LABOTESSA makes a strong case for personal luxury experiences. The new hotel, which opened in Cape Town mid of August 2019, harmoniously blends history and forward-thinking modern hotel trends to create a hospitality brand that combines …

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A harmonious blend of timeless heritage with modern luxury

Located in Singapore’s downtown Civic and Cultural District is the architectural gem, once discretely known as Capitol Building and Stamford House, about which many locals fondly reminisce. Opened only a year ago, after years of meticulous restoration by acclaimed architects and updated with refreshing modern touches by famed interior designers, its glories will be revived …

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South Africa’s number one golf estate turns 25

The luxury golf and leisure estate Fancourt (www.fancourt.co.za) in the heart of South Africa’s legendary Garden Route celebrates its 25th birthday this year. Having hosted the likes of Tiger Woods and Ernie Els in the past, the internationally esteemed estate is honoring this milestone with a series of refurbishments, a bucket list golf offer and …

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8 distinctive luxury brands under 1 roof

End of 2017, Opulent Living’s Editorial Director Florian Gast had been invited by Marriott International to attend the official launch of the groups Luxury Brand Portfolio. During the event held in Dubai, the company also announced the breathtaking expansion plans for 2018. Marriott International, recently announced the company is set to open nearly 40 luxury …

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A new jewel in the art world

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Elegant escapism

MARCH 2015 – Publisher and co-founder of Opulent Living Magazine, Barbara Lenhard, and creative director and co-founder of Opulent Living, Florian Gast, spent a blissful couple of days of tranquility at Shanti Maurice – A Nira Resort… Blissfully discreet hideaways do not come better than this. Devoted purely to pleasure and with the holistic well being …

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