Re-writing history

DECEMBER 2014 – Meticulous craftsmanship, quality materials and fine design come together to create these premier products, all of which capture the essence of classic style. What is it about fountain pens that attracts us? In this age of technology when we’re more likely to communicate through our laptops, smart phones and tablets than on paper, …

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Future heirlooms

MAY 2014 – Taunina weaves an inspiring story in which social upliftment meets inspired artistry, creating world-class collectors’ pieces. Our age-old nostalgia and affection for our childhood teddy bears has given birth to a truly irresistible collectors’ item. The humble bear is transformed into a work of art and a family heirloom in the skilful hands …

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The art of sound

MAY 2014 – At Thirteen Hof in Cape Town, music specialist Joachim Spelling elevates audio to the realms of art, displaying high-end sound systems that represent the pinnacle of audio engineering. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder; that the perception of beauty is forever subjective. That is without doubt true, and it’s …

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Dazzling investment

MAY 2014 – They are nature’s beauty, captured forever like a frozen flower, vibrant and alive. The rarest of gifts.’ Diamond specialist-jeweller Yair Shimansky’s description of coloured diamonds perhaps most succinctly sums up the current global fascination with these most elusive of gemstones. Yes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend… and these days, the coloured variety …

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Voyages of culinary discovery and sensory charm

MAY 2014 – A luxury cruise isn’t the first place you’d look for a holiday with a gourmet focus. Of course you expect good food, but culinary adventure, too? At Oceania Cruises you’ll find a generous dash of foodie panache, with master classes in regional cuisine and onshore culinary discovery tours complementing a wide range of …

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