Celebrating ten years of excellence

Johannesburg, July 2019 – Since inception in 2009, dw eleven – 13 has proudly offered experimental cuisine and exceptional service to diners in Johannesburg. Here’s how evolution and consistency have played their parts, as the establishment celebrates its 10th anniversary.

High-profile restaurants often close their doors for good. It’s a big achievement when restaurants in Johannesburg, or any location, make it through a year or two – let alone ten. And that’s exactly what dw eleven – 13 has done.

From a comparatively modest start by fine dining standards – with just three chefs and a manager in 2009 – the restaurant now operates with eleven chefs, three managers, two sommeliers, a maître d’ and seven waiters.

From Roast Chicken & Mash in 2009, today’s offering has developed exceedingly with a four course menu and an eight course tasting menu, with the dishes being paired with either wine, whiskey or non-alcoholic cocktails.

With the wine pairing option, diners can expect boutique South African wines, some international choices and rare varietals. The whisky pairing features extraordinary finds from all corners of the globe – think Eigashima Shuzo White Wine Cask #61091. Delightful bursts of flavour await those opting for the non-alcoholic pairing, with curated cocktails and stimulating blends of exotic fruits, vegetables and herbs.

A modern and unexpected twist on Cape Malay pickled fish is currently featured on both the four course menu and the tasting menu. A far cry from the traditional fried fish dish, this creation comprises cured fish and is prepared with buttermilk rather than yoghurt, due to its higher acid content. With tempura adding a textural element, the dish is finished with fresh herbs and a hot Cape Malay-style curried oil. Linefish is thoughtfully procured by dw eleven – 13 via the fresh fish app, Abalobi.

Throughout the last 10 years, dw eleven – 13 has remained consistently excellent, measured in a number of ways: Time on almost every restaurant award list, both locally and abroad; exceptional service delivery from the “family” that is the establishment’s enthusiastic team; and loyal diners – some of whom have chosen the venue for their proposals, anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions each and every year for a decade.

Perhaps most consistent of all is Owner and Executive Head Chef Marthinus Ferreira’s undeviating, hands-on presence; his determination to source high quality, sustainable ingredients from local and artisanal suppliers; and his endless passion and imagination.

ABOUT dw eleven – 13

dw eleven – 13 offers a unique experience through experimental cuisine and invites diners to explore the unknown as well as interesting twists on familiar dishes. It is a restaurant that prides itself in the creation of distinct flavours by embracing the full philosophy behind gastronomy. At dw eleven – 13 we only use fresh and sustainable produce and we pride ourselves in knowing where all our produce comes from along with how it has been grown. It’s about delivering quality that exceeds expectations with flavours that you’ll never forget.

Currently dw eleven – 13 serves a four course menu and an eight course tasting menu where the dishes are paired with boutique South African wines, some international and rare varietals.


Marthinus Ferreira is the Owner and Executive Head Chef at dw eleven – 13. His food can be described as experimental, nostalgic and globally influenced.

Over the years he has had the pleasure of being part of the growth of the South African food landscape and he is no stranger to the South African TV screen with appearances on various food shows.  Chef Ferreira also has worked with the world’s top chefs abroad and he came back to open his own establishment.

For further information please visit www.dw11-13.co.za

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