Jaguar’s F-Type Coupé roars into Africa

JULY 2014 – Opulent Living was among a select group of media to get to experience the new Jaguar F-Type Coupé, a car that meshes power with distinction in an explosive package.

The English have given the world many things, afternoon tea and cricket being among the more well-known. But easily vying for a place in the list is the luxury motor vehicle marque Jaguar, a company that’s seen a phenomenal revival in its status and fortunes. Last year’s unveiling of the F-Type Convertible played no small part in the renewing of that vigour. Now with a year’s distance, Jaguar is unleashing the second act in the F-Type theatrical performance, in the form of the Coupé.

Opulent Living had the good fortune to be among a select group of media to get first-hand exposure to the new hard-topped F-Type, where we drove it around the sun-drenched Kwa-Zulu/Natal countryside. As befits a Jaguar, the F-Type Coupé was the very soul of contentment, offering a comfortable roam throughout. The rolling hills of  Kwa-Zulu/Natal proved to be little impediment to the cars excellent engineering underpinning, which are crafted to handle whatever challenges the road has to offer. Throughout, the F-Type Coupé kept a pristine sense of poise and balance. Things, however took a dramatic turn for the exhilarating once we arrived at the Roy Hesketh Circuit on the outskirts of Pietermaritzburg.

Jaguar may be a luxury brand, but they haven’t let that deter them from the path of unconstrained motoring aggression. With a qualified instructor in toe, we were given free rein to tear the F-Type Coupé around the 2.9 kilometer track experiencing the car in both its 3.0L V6 S and 5.0L V8 R derivatives. Carving its way around the Roy Hesketh Circuit’s undulating twists and turns, the Jaguar instilled a remarkable level of confidence in its drivers, a testament to the high standard of engineering prowess at play. Regardless of choice, in either guise, the F-Type Coupé proved its mettle as a car with a laudable racing pedigree.

With the F-Type Coupé, Jaguar has designed a car that offers both eminent luxury and undiluted performance, without making any compromises in either direction.

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