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Today we asked Jenny Handley the 13 famous Opulent Living questions and the brand, leadership and high performance facilitator shares with us her answers on life and business.

Opulent Living - Jenny Handley
May 2017

All Opulent, Opulent Lifestyle

01. What does a day in your life look like and are there any exciting new projects on the horizon?

JH: Up early to write before meetings – and eatings!

02. Where can you see yourself in the future?

Taking the JHP Gourmet Guide (TM) and plating ratings further afield.

03. If you weren’t doing what you do, you would…?

I wouldn’t change a thing, I love what I do.

04. An object you would never part with?

My Mont Blanc notebook, pens and pencil. Wherever I go, I am constantly taking notes.

05. An artist whose work you collect?

My own. I store my travel memories on canvas.

06. The best souvenir you’ve brought home?

A Berber rug from Morocco.

07. Which people have influenced you in your career and in your life in general?

My fist boss and mentor, Ina Paarman.

08. Which four people from history would you like to have around a dinner table for one evening?

Nelson Mandela, Julia Childs, Mother Teresa, Princess Diana.

09. Which is your favourite city in the world and why is this so?

New York, for its energy and pace.

10. Please name a book all of us should read in your opinion.

The JHP Gourmet Guide TM.

11. What (else) are you passionate about?

Food, travel, family and friends.

12. What advice would you give your younger self?

Believe in yourself.

13. What does luxury mean for you?01. What does a day in your life look like and are there any exciting new projects on the horizon

Staying in a property that is more opulent than my own home, with a view and room service.

Thank you Jenny, for sharing this with us!

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