Redefining the class

For 25 years Mercedes-Benz offers its customers the C-Class. While the first model was received with some scepticism, these days the Sedan, Coupé and Convertible are important pillars in the model range of the German car manufacturer.
Built in East London for the world – and for South Africa – the recently in the local market introduced new version of the C-Class offers new levels of looks, safety and performance.
The car boasts a redesigned front end, with new-look headlamps and tail lamps, while the electronics are completely new, with safety and driver assistance systems now at the level of the flagship S Class series.

Never stop improving

While largely regarded as a mid-lifecycle facelift, the new models have over 6500 new parts, showing that there is always room for improvement and for new technologies to be implemented. Dealerships in South Africa offer three out of the four derivatives, namely sedan, coupe and cabriolet.

The designers in Stuttgart/Germany also got some inspiration of fashion trends and introduced three new colours, including an emerald green for the sedan that accentuates the lines and contours of the body shape most elegantly.
The top of the range model, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class has always carried the flag of technological advances, but the new C-Class has in some areas not just caught up but even taken over. The vehicles offer high-end technology at a way more affordable price point.

The Sedan starts at R586,500 (C180), the Coupe at R666,000 (C180) and the Cabriolet at R793,500 (C200). At the other end of the scale stands the AMG C43 with R1,100,000 for the Convertible version.

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