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Tantalize your mind and soul.

For 2017, LUX* invites you to try something new. A unique calendar of expert-led workshops has been curated to inspire curious minds – creative artists and leading specialists will be sharing their secrets at LUX* resorts through-out the year.

March 2017

Opulent News, Opulent Travel

Maybe it’s time to give the other side of your brain a workout. The left side is about processing logic, science and mathematics, while the right side handles creativity and the arts.

Discover Tibetan sound healing and stress-busting meditation. Try Vinyasa Flow Yoga combined with mono printing. Steal tips to making the ultimate health tonics. In short: expect uplifting and edifying resort experiences like no other.

Afternoon craft workshops don’t get more satisfying than learning the Japanese art of bookbinding. Want to try an innovative new fitness experience? Never usually have the time or motivation to try write a travel story? Let LUX* make it easy and learn skills to last a lifetime.

The benefits of these LUX* expert-led masterclasses aren’t just about the tips you take away or what you make – it’s about enjoying quality time with friends or loved ones. Make the most of these precious 2-3 hour experiences as a couple or family – or make new friends. It’s time all of us stopped poking at our smartphones, and communicated and connected in human form. These special LUX* sessions will produce everlasting memories for all – create souvenirs, discover hidden talents, enjoy great company, and much more.

“2017 will see LUX* continue its commitment to creating unique guest experiences and taking hotel innovation and travel inspiration to new levels.” – Dominik Ruhl, COO.

Holidays are often when people make life-changing decisions, and this schedule of enlightening experiences aims to shift guests’ perceptions. Can’t paint? Sure you can. Maybe you just haven’t tried since you were small. In these digital times, old-fashioned activities and good-for-the-soul hobbies have fallen by the wayside. Would Winston Churchill still wind down with watercolours today? Chances are, only if he took a LUX* holiday.

With Lucy Lawes from NamARTste
March, Mauritius and Reunion Island,

Start this two-hour workshop with a vinyasa flow yoga class, then have fun print-making with Styrofoam, acetate and bubble printing so you can take home art pieces and greeting cards.

With Juliet Kinsman
April: Maldives and Mauritius

Discover how to use language in a more entertaining way, cultivate a more original style of writing and explore how to share stronger travel stories on social media with this two hour travel writing workshop.

With Sally Conwell
June, Mauritius and Reunion Island

Learn about paint application, brush-work, colour-mixing, rendering light and shade – with a nice glass of white or red. Beginners and those practised in drawing and painting will find out the practical skills and techniques used in watercolour painting for illustrative work, typography or fine art in this two-hour class.

With Phoebe Joe.
August: Maldives and September: Mauritius

Understand how to access your intuition and gain confidence in listening to your inner voice through balancing and grounding your energy using yogic tools. Experience the deep vibrations and soothing sounds of ancient Tibetan singing bowls during a sound meditation as well as through fun group activities.

With Gillian Kozicki from Cultured Artisans.
August: Maldives; September: Mauritius; October: Mauritius and Maldives.

Reconnect with the art of fermenting in this hour-and-a-half masterclass, and ex-plore the benefits of making beet kvass, master tonic and rejuvelac.

With the Moxa Punk
November: Maldives and Mauritius and September: Mauritius

This ancient system of health therapies is also a philosophy of maintaining one’s own vitality. Tai chi, qigong, and diet are as much a part of Chinese medicine as acupuncture and Chinese herbs; learn the techniques of cupping and scraping to relieve aches, pains, and muscle tightness, to help recovery from colds and flu.

With Michelle Lackenby from Paperazzi Design Studio
December: Maldives and Mauritius

In this three-hour bookbinding class guests will be trained in binding techniques and make their very own books in beautiful handmade suminagashi marbled papers. Discover Japanese stitch, Japanese stab binding, Hemp stitch and tortoiseshell binding and create Japanese journals to use as photobooks and diaries.

With Ti Regate,

All year round, Mauritius Guests at LUX* Le Morne will have the chance to experience the story of the Mauritian pirogue with specialist boat-ing instructor, Ti, before enjoying a ride in these traditional narrow boats in the lagoon’s turquoise blue water.


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